Hula Hoop


Skill Level
All abilities
£5 to £15
16+ years


Class Duration
1 Hour
Details about the class

Hula hoops is a fun, accessible, low impact way to get fit, improve co-ordination, body awareness and learn something new and exciting.

In this online class you will learn how to spin it around your waist and different parts of your body, get comfortable moving around the space with the hula hoop – spinning, walking and turning.

You will learn a variety of moves both on and around the body, isolations and learn to dexterously manipulate the hula hoop with your hands.

Over time you will begin to build a hula hoop vocabulary, learn how to play and create your own sequences.

This class is operated online from the comfort of your own home, you just need something to zoom from, your own hula hoop, and a suitable indoor or outdoor space.

Students are advised to wear comfortable clothing that they can move easily in.

ONLINE Tickets
Hula Hoop Class
Drop in – online £5

4 weeks block – £ 17

“Hula Hoop is not only fun its accessible to everyone and is a great low impact way to get fit, improve co-ordination and body awareness

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