Learn the basic principles behind aerial disciplines and build up your confidence in a class with other total beginners. The course will introduce you to a number of apparatus including: trapeze, hoop, rope and cloud swing. Giving you a strong foundation for progressing in any aerial discipline. This is a great way to try out a mix of aerial disciplines to see which suits you best! You should wear soft, comfortable clothing that fully covers your arms and legs.

If a participant is under 18, our disclaimer must be signed by a parent or an adult of 18+

We encourage people who have never tried any aerial  discipline to start with Intro to aerial.


This 2 hour class will cover the disciplines of Aerial Silks and Aerial Rope. During the class you will be learning a variety of static poses, climbing techniques, wraps, locks and drops. Aerial Silks, also known as Tissu, is one of Circus’s most well recognised disciplines. They are a beautiful pair of silk fabrics suspended from the ceiling, on which the participant performs graceful aerial acrobatics, spinning and rolling through the air, as well as creating dynamic shapes and balances. Aerial Rope, also known as Corde Lisse, is a versatile, beautiful piece of equipment to train on – it’s great for building strength and confidence quickly. Aerial Ropes are soft and easy to climb and comfortable to wrap yourself in, they are nothing like the ropes you’ve seen at school gyms! Students should wear comfortable clothing which covers most of their skin to avoid injury.

If a participant is under 18, our disclaimer must be signed by a parent or an adult of 18+

This class will cover the disciplines of Aerial Hoop and Static Trapeze. During the class you will be learning a variety of static poses, dynamic rolls and transitions, balances, and hangs.

One of the most recognisable and popular pieces of aerial equipment, the Aerial Hoop lets you work underneath, inside and above the hoop. Learn to safely hang, balance, roll, spin and create beautiful body positions. Hoop is a great way to increase body awareness, core, and upper body strength.

Static Trapeze does not involve swinging and jumping from the trapeze. Instead participants learn to perform moves under the bar, over the bar and in the ropes to develop an impressive and graceful routine.

You will have the possibility of trying double trapeze or improve your skills, if you are familiar to it.

If a participant is under 18, our disclaimer must be signed by a parent or an adult of 18+

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Try juggling, hula hooping, trapeze or silks for free with experienced professionals on hand to help you or just come along and watch the fun.
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