Acro Yoga

Fitness Class

Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced
£11 – £39.60
16+ years
Oak Circus Centre
Class Duration
1 Hour
Details about the class

Acro Yoga is a form of partner yoga which brings a fusion of acrobatics and yoga, and also draws on Thai massage and circus arts.  It is a playful, fun but also therapeutic form of yoga.

Acro Yoga is practiced with a partner and very often a third person. The person doing the lifting is called the base, the second person being lifted is the flyer and the third person is the spotter who is there for safety and to assist.

A session will usually start with solo work before starting partner or group work.

In this class you will learn the acrobatic techniques to be able to lift and be lifted safely and more easily.


Acro Yoga Fitness Class
4 weeks – £39.60
Drop in £11

“Aerial fitness is a great full body work out, improving your upper body, grip and core strength, and increasing your performance for aerial work.”

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