The Oak Circus Centre is more than a circus school.

At The Oak Circus Centre we always wanted it to become an active space, a sleepless creation centre where one could always find somebody to train with.


Since its opening we have worked incredibly hard to create a space that could not only educate the local audience but also attract international artists in the area.

In order to do that we used our international contacts to connect artists, companies and students, ensuring a constant artistic exchange and helping to facilitate residencies, training, and artistic growth.

Since then The Oak has become a well recognised hub for circus arts, with its unique setting and facilities including the only Russian cradle in the country. 


Beside the Lost in Translation Circus, the resident company of The Oak, several different international companies have used The Oak have been inspired by these ancient walls while creating their new shows.

José Trigueiro and Gemma Palomar

Cul de Sac

Jo Moss


Other companies have just stopped by for some training and a cup of tea.


We also offer companies logistic support and a home base where to stop during UK tours.




 Nothing says family more than circus. That’s why we are always keen to widen our family and welcome international artists to come and train, play and work with us at The Oak. Here at the Oak we offer training and work experience, artistic exchanges and support for grants and student bursaries to artists from all over the world who are now proudly part of our bigger family.

Blue Copland

Ohtocani Alvarez

Karina Schiller

To support our and your health 

Alessandro, partner osteopath of The Oak Circus Centre,

specialises in treatment and injury prevention for performing artists.

All Oak students and tutors receive a 10% discount. Read more & book your full body treatment here.