School Holiday’s Workshops

AGES 6-16


10 am – 2 pm

1st week: 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th August (no workshop on Thursday)

2nd week: 19th – 23rd August

£190 per child for nine days

£85 per child for the first week (4 days)

£105 per child for the second week (5 days)

£25 single entrance


This course will introduce young people to a range of different circus skills, including acrobatics and aerial disciplines, as well as manipulation skills such as Hula Hoop and Juggling.
Students should wear comfortable clothing which covers most of their skin to avoid injury and bring water and a light packed lunch.

Each class will be tailored to the abilities and interests of students present. Suitable for ages 6+

We’ll cover basic acrobatic tumbling and techniques on the floor as well as air track tumbling. The air track is a 7 metre inflatable tumbling track, ideal for learning to jump and land in comfortable and safe way and to explore and the boundaries of acrobatic tumbling in a controlled and safe environment.

We offer an introduction to all of our most popular aerial disciplines including, Silks, Trapeze, Hoop, and Rope. Students will learn climbing techniques as well as basic wraps and drops. They will learn hanging, balancing and rolling elements or tricks on the Trapeze and Hoop.

We’ll also cover manipulation and mixed circus disciplines such as Hula Hoops, Plate Spinning, Rola Bola, Juggling (handkerchiefs, balls and clubs,) Poi, Feather balancing and Diabolo.

We also teach Parkour, which is also known as “Free Running,” and is the activity of moving quickly through an area, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, climbing and vaulting. We will explore jumping and vaulting over obstacles, proper landing techniques, rolls etc, climbing, balancing and general acrobatic movements.

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