The first academy for the development of the circus and dance arts in Norwich and Norfolk, offering young students an exciting opportunity for more intensive training courses.

With a particular focus on the circus disciplines of Aerial and Acrobatics, our coaches will guide students to build and develop circus and dance skills, and the course is designed to prepare those students interested in pursuing a career in the Circus and Performing Arts.

NADCA training is every Friday. For kids and teenagers age 8-18.

1 BLOCK of 6 weeks: £ 82 per child

1 BLOCK of 7 weeks: £ 95 per child


N e x t   a u d i t i o n s : 

Tuesday 26th Nov, from 5:30pm

We’ll go through some basic circus skills. Also, please present a dance piece or short act in which you show us your skills.

It’s important for us to get an impression of your strength, flexibility, fitness. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to come to the audition: or 01603 568 634.

If you want to sign up for MORE THAN ONE term don’t hesitate to contact us, you’ ll have a DISCOUNT


If you are a STUDENT come with your student card to have your 20% discount applied.