About Eduardo Riccardelli:

Eduardo Ricciardelli, a graduate in performing arts from “Sapienza” in Rome, specializes in Commedia dell’arte, with additional training from Circus A Vapore. He honed his skills under masters like Ferruccio Soleri and Carlo Boso, studying masks with Michele Monetta and Balinese lemschere with Cristina Wistari. In 2002, he founded Teatraltro, showcasing his expertise globally, from winning awards in Warsaw and Rome to performing across Europe and the US. With a passion for mask construction and international conference organization, Ricciardelli continues to enrich the world of theater.

Mask Workshop

Join us for a dynamic two-day journey delving into the captivating world of Commedia dell'arte Theatre Masks. Led by the esteemed Eduardo Ricciardelli, this intensive workshop unveils the essence of this timeless art form.

Embark on a transformational exploration of bodily expression, vocal intricacies, and the enigmatic allure of masks. Through engaging exercises, discover the symbiotic relationship between inner emotions and physical presence. Unveil the secrets of character weight, elemental connections, and spatial dynamics.

Dive into the melodic realm of voice, unleashing its boundless potential through playful exercises and rhythmic challenges.

Experience the magic of mask work as we delve into iconic characters of Italian tradition. Embrace the metamorphosis as masks become vessels of storytelling, drawing inspiration from Callot’s iconographies and traditional archetypes.

Each participant is required to bring:
1- A song (well known if possible).
2- A poem.
3- A fairy tale

With a rich background steeped in theatre history and extensive training under renowned masters, Eduardo Ricciardelli brings a wealth of expertise to guide you through this immersive journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of Commedia dell’arte and unleash your artistic potential.

Regular Ticket: £25
Oak memberships, preprofessional course students: £17

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