Our corporate away days are perfect for business teams to learn, share and laugh together with circus skills.

You will try things you never imagined trying, achieve things you didn’t expect to achieve, and learn things that you will never forget! Taking part in circus activities is a highly enjoyable way for people to develop important transferable skills. In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, you can discover a host of benefits such as new ways of learning, improved communication abilitiesstronger mutual support and respect for each other and improved confidence and self-esteem.

Teams will learn to react to the unexpected and plunge into challenges with confidence! Our experience means anyone, regardless of age, ability or experience can enjoy and excel with our workshops.

Set Price Packages

Half a day Circus:

This workshop can accommodate up to 50 people, Monday to Friday from 9.00 onward for 3.5 hours.

Details: Learn acrobatic balancing, counter weighting, static aerial (trapeze, aerial hoop and rope) and juggling. Light snacks and refreshments included.

Prices: £650 for up to 20 people, then £50 per person.

Full Day Circus:

This workshop can accommodate up to 50 people, Monday to Friday from 9.00 onward for 7 hours, including 1 hour for Lunch.

Details: Learn acrobatic balancing, Trampoline, counter weighting, static aerial (trapeze, aerial hoop and rope) handstands and juggling.

Prices: £1,300 for up to 20 people, then £65 per person. Price includes lunch.

We also have shorter options of workshops from 1.5 to 2.5 hours and can deliver workshops on weekends or to the client’s choice of space or their offices.

For more details about these options and any other queries or booking please contact us directly.


Participants will learn a range of practical new skills that can be applied to both their personal and business life. Here is a list of example activities that can be included in our Circus Skills Workshop.

Acrobatic-balancing (human pyramids): Participants are encouraged to use trust and motivational skills to work in groups and build human structures. This results in achieving one common goal as a team.

Aerial counterweighting: Participants are encouraged to trust their team by learning to be on a harness and pulled up and down by their teams on a rope and pulley system. Demonstrating how your team will always support you.

Static Trapeze: Participants are encouraged to use their own strength, trust and motivational skills to work individually on the apparatus with the support of their team. This results in achieving goals, increase of self-motivation and focus.

Juggling:The process of learning to juggle is a metaphor for many aspects of business life, including techniques for learning a new skill and breaking tasks down into manageable goals.

Tight Wire Walking: To walk the tightrope requires great balance, rhythm and an ability to stay focused at all times. This also requires encouragement to assist colleagues to learn from each others mistakes.

How Circus can help your team:

  1. Increases confidence.
  2. Enhances communication skills.
  3. Improves group dynamics.
  4. Improves focus on tasks.
  5. Boosts wellbeing.
  6. Encourages creativity.
  7. Strong sense of achievement.
  8. Great fun.
  9. Improves fitness.
  10. Improves team working.