One of the most fundamental skills in circus, handstands teach body awareness, alignment, and balance; as well as helping to build core stability. Learning this discipline will provide students with a solid foundation and understanding of acrobatic techniques. Poise and strength gained from this essential skill is used throughout all other floor and aerial disciplines. This class is open to all abilities, including complete beginners. Our experienced tutors can work to the level of all those in the group.

If a participant is under 18, our disclaimer must be signed by a parent or an adult of 18+

We run 6 and 7 weeks courses depending on terms.



6 weeks course: £ 73

7 weeks course: £ 85

If you want to sign up for MORE THAN ONE term don't hesitate to contact us, you' ll have a DISCOUNT


If you are a STUDENT come with your student card to have your 20% discount applied.