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With decades of performing and teaching experience under their belts, we believe our LiT Circus team of tutors are the best in Norfolk.

We regulary welcome guest tutors to The Oak and have a strong focus on professional development.

If you would like to work with us then get in touch.

Massimilliano Rossetti

Massi has over 10 years of teaching experience and course creation, having worked long-term for Circus Space London on the youth program and Let’s Circus in Newcastle. Specialising in acrobatics, hand-to-hand and juggling Massi has performed throughout Europe. Since 2013 Massi has been managing, directing and performing with LiT Circus who tour regularly. Massi is now Co-director and Ringmaster of The Oak Circus Centre.

Annabel Carberry

Having been a junior tutor with Australia’s The Flying Fruit Fly Circus since the age of fifteen, Annabel is one of our most experienced tutors, teaching ages four to sixty five and all abilities. She has performed in festivals, corporate events, cabarets and burlesque shows all over the world.  Annabel is a Co-director of LiT Circus, regularly performing and touring as well as Co-director of The Oak.

Roisin Morris

Roisin is our Education Co-ordinator and a tutor. She trained as an artistic gymnast and competed in the 1997 Youth Olympics, going on to win the Irish National Individual title two years running. She later trained as a dancer, learning everything from classical to hip-hop styles and musical theatre. Roisin completed her degree at The National Centre for Circus Arts in 2009. She has done stage and film work and performed in circus shows and big productions touring Europe and the USA.

Matthew Green

Matt has been performing for over eight years across the world, and in venues such as The Royal Opera House, and alongside big names such as Elton John and One Direction. He studied at The National Centre for Circus Arts, where he graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Circus Arts. Matthew specialises in teaching our floor based and object manipulation courses and enjoys monkeying around on our Youth Circus programmes. He is an active performer with LiT Circus.

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